Make The Most Of Your Social Media

Increase, manage and measure your Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Use the interaction of social media to increase the visibility of your small business. When you go social you'll get the attention of a broad audience, and watch your new fans become loyal customers!

Your fans, friends, and followers can help you increase business. Liking your content on Facebook, retweeting your offers on Twitter, or posting a review on Yelp. All this generates a powerful buzz for your small business through social media.

Email Marketing + Social Media:

When your fans and followers become email subscribers, you can get to know the person behind the email address. Next, you can target your messages and offers to get them in them on board.

Event Marketing + Social Media:

Invite your list, post your event, right from your account, to Facebook and Twitter and get even more publicity. Let your guests help you fill your event. One click, and they can post your event on their favorite social media sites, getting not only your customers, but their friends, to sign up.


Create It Once, See It Everywhere

Syndicate your content to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social networks.


Let The Buzz Take Over

Your customers, registrants, and participants can spread the word to their networks.

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Monitor What's Being Said About Your Business

Keep up with what's being said about your business.

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Turn Followers Into Fans To Grow Business

Add Facebook and Twitter "follow me" icons to every email you send. Sign them up for your email newsletter.

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Track and See Results

You can get a running score of how often people Like or Share your emails on Facebook, tweet about them, or discuss them in LinkedIn.

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